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Today’s Arrivals: 4/28/17

The shop received a trio of British titles today. Only one was initially a customer request (Indicator’s Blu-ray of Brian De Palma’s “Body Double”), however one got claimed while in […]

New Additions: 4/23/17

The latest slate of online store adds is ready to be unveiled. Today’s trio consists of Jim Jarmusch’s “The Limits of Control,” Lance Hool’s “Steel Dawn,” and Jacques Tourneur’s “Anne […]

Today’s Arrivals: 4/23/17

Today’s mail included a trio of titles from Germany, including the newest addition to the shop’s inventory, Jacques Tourneur’s “Anne of the Indies.” Also in tow were restocks of Lance […]

Today’s Arrivals: 4/21/17

The shop received a considerable bundle of titles from Germany and Britain today. The latest round of arrivals consists of one new addition, Chang Cheh’s “Five Element Ninjas,” plus requested […]

New Additions: 4/19/17

Another triumvirate of titles is ready to take up residence in the 4xblu online store. This latest batch consists of Billy Wilder’s “A Foreign Affair” and Jacques Tourneur’s “Canyon Passage” […]

Today’s Arrivals: 4/19/17

4xblu received a nice bundle of both software and hardware today. Leading the latest arrivals is the customer requested debut of Ignacio Ferreras’s animated feature “Wrinkles.” Also coming in are […]

Today’s Arrivals: 4/17/17

The shop received packages from Australia and Britain today that contained three titles: the newest addition to 4xblu’s inventory, Joseph Sargent’s “Colossus: The Forbin Project,” the customer requested debut of […]

New Additions: 4/12/17

The shop’s lone arrival today was the Australian limited edition release of Pat McHale’s “Over the Garden Wall,” an animated miniseries featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Melanie Lynskey, and […]

New Additions: 4/9/17

Another trio of titles has been added to the 4xblu online store, all of which are recent in-store debuts that are making their first appearances on’s virtual shelves. This […]

New Additions: 4/8/17

The latest round of 4xblu online store additions is ready to be revealed. Today’s trio consists of Anthony Mann’s “The Fall of the Roman Empire,” George Marshall’s “Destry Rides Again,” […]