About 4xblu

Foreign Exchange Blu-ray Imports is the Los Angeles area’s premiere source for import Blu-ray discs. After more than a decade of ordering discs from overseas for his own collection, 4xblu owner Darrell Hodges opened the shop in December of 2015. Foreign Exchange’s mission: to give customers an opportunity to buy discs from all around the world at a single retail location, thereby avoiding the numerous obstacles that come with importing (such as exorbitant shipping costs, online retail sites that often aren’t English friendly, frequent triggering of credit card fraud alerts, and damaged shipments that can be costly and time-consuming to return).

Perhaps the biggest obstacle of all, the lack of certainty about what one is getting in return for their money when importing discs via the internet, is addressed by the shop’s policy of carrying a reference copy of every title on sale. This allows customers to preview potential purchases on the shop’s in-house audio / video setup so they can see for themselves what they’re paying for, verifying things like the image quality of a Blu-ray’s transfer, audio and subtitle options, or the playability and English friendliness of a disc’s bonus features. It’s a level of certitude that no online seller can match, and it’s just one of the reasons why shopping at Foreign Exchange Blu-ray Imports is an experience unlike any other.

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