In-store Inventory

The following is a current list of inventory that is either available exclusively in-store at Foreign Exchange Blu-ray Imports or for which there are both in-store and online copies:

Director / Category
Region A
Place of Origin
Yves Allégret “The Proud and the Beautiful” Yes France
Yves Allégret “Such a Pretty Little Beach” Yes France
Robert Altman “Cookie’s Fortune” No England
Kenneth Anger “Magick Lantern Cycle” Yes England
Michelangelo Antonioni “Le Amiche” No England
René Clair “The Song of Songs” Yes France
Roger Corman “The Pit and the Pendulum” No England
David Cronenberg “Shivers” Yes England
Joe Dante “The ‘Burbs” No England
Brian De Palma “The Fury” No England
Brian De Palma “Sisters” Yes England
Carl Th. Dreyer “The Carl Theodor Dreyer Collection” No England
Ildikó Enyedi “My 20th Century” Yes England
Bob Fosse “Sweet Charity” Yes France
James Gray “The Yards” No Germany
Peter Greenaway “Goltzius & The Pelican Company” No England
Werner Herzog “The Werner Herzog Collection” No England
Jack Hill “Coffy” No England
Jack Hill “Foxy Brown” No England
Aki Kaurismäki “The Man Without A Past” Yes Finland
Aki Kaurismäki “Lights in the Dusk” Yes Finland
Takeshi Kitano “Hana-bi” (Fireworks) No England
Emir Kusturica “Underground” No England
Fritz Lang “M” Yes Germany
Julio Medem “Cows” (Vacas) Yes Spain
Yasujiro Ozu “Late Autumn” No England
G.W. Pabst “Diary of a Lost Girl” No England
Sydney Pollack “Three Days of the Condor” No England
Sam Raimi “The Gift” No Denmark
Francesco Rosi “Salvatore Giuliano” No England
Paul Schrader “Blue Collar” No Germany
Shaw Brothers “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Trilogy” Yes Hong Kong
Josef von Sternberg “Blonde Venus” Yes France
Josef von Sternberg “The Last Command” No England
Various “Martin Scorsese Presents Masterpieces of Polish Cinema Vol. III” Yes Poland
Peter Watkins “Edvard Munch” Yes England
Peter Watkins “Punishment Park” Yes England
’90s “Kids” Yes Germany
Sci-Fi “The Lost World” No England
Sci-Fi “The Mole People” Yes England

Coming soon:

Director / Category
Place of Origin
Robert Aldrich “Flight of the Phoenix” England
Woody Allen “Celebrity” Japan
Woody Allen “Mighty Aphrodite” Japan
Roy Andersson “The Roy Andersson Collection” England
Dario Argento “Deep Red” England
Andrea Arnold “Red Road” England
Jack Arnold “The Man from Bitter Ridge” Germany
Jack Arnold “No Name on the Bullet” Germany
Ralph Bakshi “Coonskin” Germany
Mario Bava “Baron Blood” England
Mario Bava “Black Sunday” England
Jacques Becker “Antoine & Antoinette” France
Jacques Becker “Modigliani of Montparnasse” France
Clio Bernard “The Arbor” England
Bernardo Bertolucci “1900” England
Kathryn Bigelow “Blue Steel” Germany
Budd Boetticher “Comanche Station” Germany
Luis Buñuel “Fever Mounts at El Pao” France
Marcel Carné “Les Portes de la Nuit” France
John Carpenter “Memoirs of an Invisible Man” Japan
William Castle “Cave of Outlaws” Germany
André Cayatte “The Lovers of Verona” Germany
Claude Chabrol “La Ceremonie” England
Roger Corman “The Haunted Palace” England
Delmer Daves “The Last Wagon” Germany
Cecil B. DeMille “Union Pacific” Germany
Brian De Palma “Casualties of War” Germany
Brian De Palma “Obsession” England
Brian De Palma “Redacted” England
Julien Duvivier “La fin du jour” France
Julien Duvivier “Un carnet de bal” France
Milos Forman “Valmont” France
Michael Haneke “Funny Games” France
Ray Harryhausen “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers” England
Monte Hellman “Cockfighter” Japan
Walter Hill “Extreme Prejudice” Japan
Takeshi Kitano “Brother” Germany
Fritz Lang “Spies” (Spione) England
Georges Lautner “The Seventh Juror” France
Spike Lee “Girl 6” Japan
Mike Leigh “Secrets & Lies” England
Ernst Lubitsch “Lubitsch in Berlin” England
David Lynch “Wild at Heart” England
Paul Mazursky “Harry and Tonto” Japan
Takashi Miike “Yakuza Apocalypse” England
Sydney Pollack “The Interpreter” England
Sydney Pollack “The Way We Were” Japan
Michael Powell “The Thief of Bagdad” England
Powell & Pressburger “The Battle of the River Plate” Germany
Otto Preminger “The Human Factor” Germany
Nicholas Ray “The True Story of Jesse James” Germany
Michael Reeves “Witchfinder General” England
Jean Renoir “French Cancan” England
Francesco Rosi “Hands Over the City” England
Ken Russell “Mahler” Japan
Joseph Sargent “Colossus: the Forbin Project” England
Martin Scorsese “Kundun” Japan
George Sherman “Against All Flags” Germany
George Sherman “Chief Crazy Horse” Germany
Don Siegel “Charley Varrick” Germany
Douglas Sirk “Captain Lightfoot” Germany
Jerzy Skolimowski “The Shout” England
Sion Sono “Love Exposure” (TV Show) Japan
Jacques Tourneur “Canyon Passage” Germany
Gus Van Sant “Drugstore Cowboy” Japan
Paul Verhoeven “Spetters” Germany
Raoul Walsh “Saskatchewan” Germany
Sam Wood “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Germany
Robert Zemeckis “Beowulf” 3D France
Robert Zemeckis “Used Cars” Germany
’80s “Runaway” Germany
Animation “Toys in the Attic” 3D Germany
Cops ‘n’ Crooks “Le dernier des six” France
Cops ‘n’ Crooks “To Kill A Cop” France
Cult Classic “Cobra Woman” Germany
Horror “The City of the Dead” England
Television “Jack the Ripper” England
Television “Utopia” (Season One) England
War “Ice Cold in Alex” England
Western “California” Germany
Western “Destry Rides Again” Germany
Western “Gunman’s Walk” Germany
Western “Last of the Badmen” Germany

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