New Additions: 2/8/17


The latest batch of online store additions is ready to be revealed. Today’s slate consists of Joe Dante’s “Small Soldiers,” David Lynch’s “The Straight Story,” and “Serial Mom” by John Waters.

By the time he made “Serial Mom,” John Waters had already gone from being the midnight movie shlockmeister who helmed the notorious “Pink Flamingos” to directing the PG and PG-13 rated “Hairspray” and “Cry Baby,” which managed to be slyly subversive while still being the sort of thing I could show my pre-teen sister without getting in trouble. In turning the trial of Beverly Sutphin into “Serial Mom,” Waters created a biting satire that juxtaposed its mockery of suburban conformity with an exploration of America’s obsession with “crime of the century” legal circuses, taking the violence and gore up a notch and earning his first R rating in over a decade.