New Additions: 2/4/17

Time to unveil the trio of titles that are joining the selection of 4xblu’s online store: Philip D’Antoni’s “The Seven-Ups,” David Cronenberg’s “Shivers,” and “The Marriage of Maria Braun” by […]

New Additions: 1/22/17

Another trio is ready to take its place in the 4xblu online store. Today’s additions include Miklós Jancsó’s “Electra,” Jim Clark’s “Every Home Should Have One,” and Mike Leigh’s “High […]

Today’s Arrivals: 1/22/17

A quartet of British discs came in today, including one new addition to the shop’s inventory (the Marty Feldman-starring “Every Home Should Have One”), another customer requested copy of Indicator’s […]

Today’s Arrivals: 1/21/17

A package from the UK’s Masters of Cinema arrived today. It contained one new addition, MoC’s limited edition two-fer of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Hawks and Sparrows” and “Pigsty,” plus a […]

New Additions: 1/19/17

Another day, another round of online store additions. Today’s slate consists of three titles from Britain’s Arrow Video, including Mario Bava’s horror anthology “Black Sabbath” and a pair of early […]

New Additions: 1/18/17

Another trio of titles is ready to join the ranks of 4xblu’s online offerings. Today’s additions include Seijun Suzuki’s “Youth of the Beast,” “Bound” by the Wachowskis, and R.W. Fassbinder’s […]

New Additions: 1/15/17

A new trio of online store additions is ready for its close-up. Among today’s titles are Jack Hill’s “Switchblade Sisters,” Richard Linklater’s “Me and Orson Welles,” and Kathryn Bigelow’s “Blue […]

New Additions: 1/14/17

The latest batch of online store additions is ready to go live. Today’s slate includes Jack Arnold’s “Tarantula,” Johnnie To’s “Office,” and Gregg Araki’s “Kaboom.” At the time of its […]