New Additions: 12/30/16


Another round of online store additions is ready to be unveiled. Today’s trio consists of Jules Dassin’s “Brute Force,” King Vidor’s “Man Without A Star,” and Johnnie To’s “Office.”

Although best known in the United States for sophisticated action films like “Election” and “Drug War,” Hong Kong auteur Johnnie To’s body of work contains numerous forays into a broad assortment of genres. After tackling the financial meltdown of 08-09 in “Life Without Principle,” To returned to the world of big business for perhaps his most convention-bending effort yet: “Office,” a musical set in a financial firm that was shot in 3D.

Chow Yun Fat stars as the Chairman of the Board of a company that’s about to have its IPO, but that’s not the only thing that’s about to go public: his longstanding affair with the CEO (played by Sylvia Chang, who wrote the play upon which the movie is based), her own relationship with a younger executive at the company, and the true identity of one of the new interns are just a few of the secrets threatening to upset the entire enterprise.